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About Infinite Health & Wellness


Mission - Integrating Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Internal Medicine; Infinite Health and Wellness Center seeks to uncover and treat the root cause of your symptoms.

Restoring the body’s health to provide you with the ability to live your life with Infinite Possibilities.

Vision - Empowering our clients in achieving their optimal health and creating healthy sustainable lifestyles so that they may enjoy a life of Infinite Possibilities.

What is Infinite Health And Wellness All About?

This journey of Health and Wellness is one with infinite possibilities. Our vision is a community of empowered people who are healing and learning as we support each other toward our own optimal health. We are appreciative of your presence and grateful to walk this path in restoring your most vibrant version of You.

Our Center is serene yet an enthused atmosphere offering Natural- Functional Medicine modalities. Your path towards health is our goal. Our friendly and caring environment enables you to learn and practice healthy lifestyles while supporting your body’s physiology to restore your Vitality.

It is through man’s choices of lifestyle, diet, thought and spiritual condition that disease or health occurs. Human choice has created chronic diseases such as hypertension, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid and other autoimmune conditions. In making conscious changes in our choices, we can create healing and restoration of health. With an individualized Natural- Functional Medicine plan for you, healing of various chronic conditions can occur.

At Infinite Health and Wellness Center, we are here to walk this path with you on your journey to Optimal Health. Our physician will assess your current condition based upon the extent of influence these various factors have upon your state of health. Through treating the root cause of your maladies, we correct the underlying reason why you have been anything less than optimal health in Mind, Body and Spirit. Our team will create a plan specific to your needs and your state of wellbeing.  Your plan may include dietary coaching, natural and herbal supplementation and lifestyle practices. We are here to guide and encourage you along your path to Wellness.

Health is a verb; a process of creation, and You are the creator.

Create a life of Vibrant Health, Energy and Wellbeing.


Who Is Dr. Karen?

Dr. Karen McGlashan is the Founder of Infinite Health & Wellness Center. 

Dr. Karen obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine in 1997.She holds Post Doctorate in Internal Medicine and Doctorates in both Internal Medicine and Nutrition as well as specialty in and a specialty in Functional Medicine.


Prior to entering Chiropractic Medical school, Dr Karen was a Registered Nurse with a specialty in emergency room, adult and pediatric intensive care. Dr. McGlashan recognized the need for a more integrated and personalized care of the whole person rather than just treating the disease. She sought out to uncover the root cause of patient’s ailments and provide medical care that corrects the biophysiological and lifestyle causes that create these chronic diseases.


Her experience compelled her to create a center that incorporates medical knowledge with the compassion and caring necessary for the restoration of the body toward optimal health.

With 40 years of health care experience, Dr. Karen brings extensive knowledge and dedication to her client’s total health and wellbeing.



  • Digestive Wellness

  • Food Allergies & Intolerance

  • Women's Health and Hormones

  • Staying Young and Vibrant

  • Restful Sleep

  • Public Speaker/Lecturer

  • Online Course Creator/Author

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