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Digestive Health
I've Got that Good Gut Feeling


The gut is the third brain of your body making a triad with your Heart and Brain. These 3 Brains provide an intricate series of communication channels of nerves, blood and lymph that keep the body running effectively.

Easily Banish Heartburn, Indigestion, Gas and Bloating

The environment of the Gut is called the Microbiome. The Microbiome of the Gut, Brain and Heart are the same. Although science has not uncovered all the organisms and nutrients that create the Microbiome, what is known is that it is a delicate balance of bacteria, viruses and potentially pathogenic organisms which live symbiotically within our body. Our food not only feeds our body, it provides nourishment and balances the Microbiome. 


When there are imbalances of bacteria and organisms(dysbiosis), the immune system is activated, creating symptoms of gas and bloating. Poorly digested foods irritate and inflame the thin gut lining. The gut wall erodes and enlarge the tiny holes (tight junctions) which allow digested food nutrients to pass into the body. Larger particles such as poorly digested food, chemical preservatives, toxins and bacterial compounds now enter the body through these enlarged spaces (Leaky Gut). These “foreigners” once allowed into the body, set off an alarm. The Immune- Inflammation system is activated to remove the unwanted out of the body.


Various symptoms and chronic diseases are the result of an irritated, inflamed gut which has lost it’s ability to prevent “foreigners” from entering the body. The most common digestive complaints are nausea, indigestion, gas, bloating, abdominal tenderness, “fire in the belly” feeling, constipation, diarrhea as well as numerous combinations. An inflamed gut is also an inflamed body. Often sinus congestion and infections; headaches; allergies and aches and pains can be at least partially due to poor digestion. 

Start Your New Life Today And Wake Up Tomorrow With That Good Gut Feeling

Functional Medicine uncovers and corrects the specific causes of your digestive discomforts. Your customized plan will decrease the identified irritants, heal the gut lining and restore the balance of the Microbiome. An individual program of nutrient dense foods, reparative nutraceuticals and lifestyle modifications will create a life of vibrant health.

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