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Heart and Circulation
Have a Grateful Heart


Your Heart is Your Second Brain sending messages to and from the body and brain. Imagine your Life full of Infinite possibilities, Because A Grateful Heart is a Healthy Heart.

The Vagus nerve connects the heart and brain by sending calming and balancing signals (parasympathetic nervous system). Our emotions also influence the Vagus nerve. Under stress, anxiety, and frustrations, the Fight-Flight nervous system is turned on. This nervous system stimulates a cascade of reactions. Blood vessels constrict and becoming smaller and inflammation increases the fluid. This cascade of reactions cause damage to the heart and blood vessel system. But it is when the Heart is filled with Joy and Gratitude, that the Vagus nerve sends messages with healing compounds, opening up the blood vessels and moving the inflammation and a sense of calm.     


When your body’s systems become out of balance, various heart and circulation symptoms present themselves as swollen hands or feet, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart arrhythmias, congestive heart failure and heart valve disorders. Toxins and nutrient deficiencies cause inflammation of extra fluid which the heart must pump against. Environmental toxins, processed food toxins, microorganism imbalances and life stressors, all contribute to triggering a stress fight or flight response (sympathetic nervous system). This stress response narrows the blood vessels. Narrowed blood vessels and increased inflammation fluid create a heavy burden on the heart pumping and valves. 

If the blood is a little thick from high blood sugar or sticky toxins, the blood may move slower. Fluid can pool and swell the feet and hands and even clog the tiny blood vessels.

With nutrient and electrolyte deficiencies, the body cells lose their energy. These cells slowly lose the ability to do their work. It is the heart which requires the most energy for it works 24/7. The heart muscle becomes fatigued and weakened and the heartbeat becomes erratic. This makes it harder for the heart to pump the blood to the brain and body.

Functional Medicine provides a path to restoring the energy and vitality of the heart, brain and body. Through uncovering the root causes of your current state of unhealth, a customized plan of action can repair the damaged cells and decrease the inflammation. Diseases of the heart and circulation can be bettered, and some reversed with nutrient dense foods, scientifically formulated nutraceuticals and stress reduction techniques.

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