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Restful Sleep
How to Wake Up Feeling Great!


There's nothing better than a good night's sleep! Imagine awaking in the morning alert, refreshed and looking forward to a wonderful day. Sounds amazing doesn't it?!?

Just Imagine How Wonderful Life Can Be With A Great Night Sleep and Awake Each Morning Full of Vibrant Energy Happy to Explore a New Day. Your New Life Starts Here!


Sleep is the time when your body and brain flush out the toxic end products of each day’s work. Your cells work hard every day to keep you alive. In doing so, some trash needs to be removed to keep you healthy. We rely on the lymphatic system in the body and brain to process and clear out the trash residue each day.


With less than 8 hours sleep of interrupted sleep, these toxins accumulate and start to create further damage to the body. You awaken tired, foggy, stiff and drained. Day after day the toxins build up and the body breaks down. Heart Disease, Diabetes, Weight Gain, Dementia/Alzheimer’s and Immune issues are all disorders partially due to poor sleep patterns.


When we are under stress (emotional, mental, physical, pain), the body releases cortisol hormone to survive. High Cortisol at night interrupts sleep but also prevents the body from relaxing to fall asleep. We become “wired and tired”. Wireless Electronic devises emit EMF waves. Our Brains are lulled into a false sense of sleepiness. We are drowsy but our Brain is stimulated by the Blue wave frequency interrupting sleep. 


High cortisol also causes a fluctuation in blood sugar and digestion. You may wake at night with one or more of these symptoms: hungry or anxious with heartburn or indigestion. The inevitable weight gain ensues as the excess blood sugar and inflammation try to hide in the fat cells. Excess sugars feed opportunistic organism (bacteria, yeast, viruses…) and infections begin to irritate the peace and calm of the nervous system. 


Our body struggles to remove the toxins and the body becomes more stressed. The fight/flight nervous system is activated by this stress response and temporarily shuts down digestion. When your stomach has difficulty digesting proteins, heartburn and indigestion may be a symptom. But silently there is a more important issue at hand. The proteins break down and are reformulated in the gut to create the brain hormones (neurotransmitters). Melatonin, Dopamine and Serotonin help the body relax and sleep. With a deficiency of these hormones and an excess of the fight or flight brain hormones (adrenaline, noradrenaline), sleep is precarious if at all.

Functional Medicine incorporates nutrient dense foods and specifically formulated nutraceuticals while teaching you better sleep habits and stress reducing techniques to calm the nervous system. Nutraceuticals may also be necessary to correct the gut and Liver/ toxin imbalances.

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