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Functional Medicine - Restoring Your Vitality. Comprehensive exam and treatment of chronic illnesses.

Diet Plan

Functional Nutrition - Educate and Empower Healthy Food and Lifestyle choices

Vitamin and Supplement guidance

Food and dietary plan based upon condition and lifestyle

Body composition analysis and vital sign testing

Blood Samples

Functional and Medical Diagnostic testing and analysis - uncovering the hidden causes of illness

Blood, urine, saliva and stool testing

food sensitivities

ultrasound, mri, ct scan, thermography

Herbal Medicine

Annual Wellness Physical Exams - physical exams incroporating nutritional wellness and supplementation recommendation for optimal health

Medical Record Analysis

Second Opinion/Functional Medicine Consult - review your medical records with you, discuss your current recommended plan and educate as to the possible various influencing factors for a specific health diagnosis

Online Learning.

Online Learning - free youtube videos, articles and blogs - Optional Online Membership with courses and webinars.

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