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Functional Medicine


Functional Medicine addresses the underlying cause of your symptoms and disease states with a patient centered, science-based approach.

An individualized plan is created to identify and correct the various interconnected factors influencing the unique expression of health as a whole person. Patients are encouraged and empowered to work together with their physician as a team moving toward optimal health and healthy lifestyles.


Chronic and degenerative diseases are the most prevalent illness in the American population. Symptoms often start as a subtle ailment years or decades before a diagnosis is labeled. It is these subtle ailments which are your body’s way to communicate there is something wrong going on. Way too often, being minor annoyances, we ignore or self-medicate to alleviate the immediate discomfort.

As we continue with our life either ignoring or self-medicating, the symptoms progress to “Warning” signs: Poor memory and focus; digestive discomforts, chronic aches and pains; fatigue; depression and anxiety; headaches; sleep problems and weight gain. The chronic nature of these ailments lead to further damage to the body’s systems. Any one condition may have various interweaving causes and likewise, one cause can create many different conditions.

Begin your New Life today by creating Infinite Possibilities for Vibrant Health

Diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Autoimmune diseases, Cancer, Dementia and Alzheimer’s rob you of the Joy and Quality of Life as well as diminishing your life savings. Many elders in retirement comment “ If I could to do life over, I would have taken better care of my health”. They saved their entire life for retirement and then spent every saved dollar to regain their health.

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