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Brain Health
Happy Brain. Happy Health.


Imagine being mentally sharp, playing, learning new things in your 80’s and 90’s years of life. Quality of Life as we age is what most of us are wishing for. The good news is that we can prevent and sometimes reverse the cognitive decline leading to Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Happy Brain. Happy Health.    

Have you ever asked yourself…


  • “Now what did I come into this room for?”

  • “What’s the name of that thing/person?”

  • “Where did I park the car?”


Perhaps you are experiencing a foggy brain…

  • Is it difficult to focus and concentrate?

  • Is it harder to get a good night sleep?

  • Do you experience mood changes such as increased irritability, anxiety or depression occurred.

Your Brain Is Inflamed!

Your Brain is trying to tell you it is over-run by toxins and cannot get enough of the nutrients to fix the daily damage. And if the Brain is inflamed, the body is inflamed. And most of it starts in the Gut. Toxic Gut- Toxic Brain. What you put into your body and how it is digested affects the environment of the gut (microbiome). The Gut microbiome is the same microbiome environment as the Brain. If the Gut is inflamed and toxic, then the Brain is inflamed and toxic. Recently science has established that the Gut, Brain and Heart are all connected with the same microbiome environment with the toxins, deficiencies and organisms. The Gut-Brain-Heart triad are the Three Brains of the body.

Years and even decades before Alzheimer’s or Dementia are noticed, the body has been sending you messages that things are not right. Poor sleep, moodiness, Brain fog and digestive discomforts were some of the “warning signs” to pay attention. Over time other symptoms may appear letting you know the mind- body is out of balance and inflamed with diseases such as pre-diabetes/ diabetes, high blood pressure, irritable bowel, heartburn and reflux as well as aches and pains.

Begin Your New Life Today By Creating Infinite Possibilities For Vibrant Health

You can heal and reverse inflammation in the body and in the Brain. Functional Medicine incorporates the latest scientific understanding of the brain’s functioning and chemistry with a Holistic understanding of your unique stressors, nutrient deficiencies and lifestyle. Uncovering the root cause, creating a customized plan for your specific condition; You will notice clearer focus, better memory retention and an increased ability to handle situations. Heal your Gut, Heal Your Mind.

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